Driven Down

Why are motor vehicle bureaus located in the seediest parts of town? After getting married not too long ago, I’m going through the oh-so-fun process of changing my last name to my husband’s name.  Social Security, banks, credit cards, doctors’ … Continue reading

Hail to the Brief

Why does campaigning for U.S. elections last about 2 years? Finally.  It’s here.  Election Day in the U.S.  Rah, rah, sis, boom, bah.  I’m so excited.  Uh, huh.  Aren’t you?  After all, we’ve only heard the politicians, especially those running … Continue reading

Voicing Disapproval

Why do we hate hearing our recorded voices? We all know and cringe at that sound–our own voice.  It’s worse than fingernails streaking across a blackboard.  Worse than a baby wailing uncontrollably.  And worse than a shrill fire alarm sounding … Continue reading