Marking a Milestone

Why is the 40th birthday a big one for women? If we’re fortunate enough to do so, we’ll eventually reach the age of 40.  It’s inevitable.  Time keeps moving on and doesn’t wait for anyone, male or female.  Somehow, though, … Continue reading

Reunited: Does It Feel So Good?

Why do we torture ourselves with class reunions? Ah, those wonderful days of high school.  The time in our lives that many of us wish we could erase unless we happened to be the popular girl or the sports jock.  … Continue reading

Happy Second of July, America!

Why do we often call Independence Day the Fourth of July instead? With those of us in the United States about to celebrate our national holiday, my fiancé came up with this good holiday-related “why.”  Although the official name of … Continue reading

The Play’s the Thing?

Why is live theatre so disappointing? Once upon a time, I was a true, die-hard, theatre aficionado.  I enjoyed the theatre so much that I even got degrees in it before going to library school and becoming a librarian.  Since … Continue reading