Samaritans: An Endangered Species

Why don’t more people offer help to others? Not very long ago I had a bad case of food poisoning.  Maybe at one time or another you’ve been in the same unfortunate position, dealing with diarrhea and nausea simultaneously.  If … Continue reading

In Their Shoes

Why are we afraid or uncomfortable around people who are different from us? I read an article on this morning about a 31-year old woman who was born with a condition that made her face malformed, and despite numerous … Continue reading

Hail to the Brief

Why does campaigning for U.S. elections last about 2 years? Finally.  It’s here.  Election Day in the U.S.  Rah, rah, sis, boom, bah.  I’m so excited.  Uh, huh.  Aren’t you?  After all, we’ve only heard the politicians, especially those running … Continue reading