A Chair Affair — 5 Comments

  1. I’ve watched people at a food court, and this seems to be the reason they don’t push their chair under the table: they get up with their food tray in their hand and walk over to the trash receptacle to dump their garbage and leave. This is one motion, whereas if they had to push their chair under the table, they would have to get up, push their chair in, pick up the tray, and proceed to the garbage. Why not take that extra step? It’s good manners. Why, indeed.

  2. I, too, don’t understand why adults can’t seem to push their chairs under the table. Too many of them just don’t care. I’ve even seen adults ravaging through retail stores dropping hangers with clothes onto the floor, not even caring the slightest about picking it up and putting it back on the rack. I think what’s happening here is that they think it’s the sales associates’ or the waiters’ job to pick up the clothes or push in the chairs. I would call it also a lack of respect for the people “serving” them.

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