Hello and welcome to The House of Why!  My name is Ellen Krask and I’ll be your host along with the ever-important resident, “why.”

A few things about us–I’m a native New Yorker from the majestic Hudson River Valley who moved to the beautiful Pacific Northwest in 2009.  I love my day job working as a reference librarian in the Spokane, Washington area, helping people find answers to their questions and locate various library materials.  As for “why,” he’s been living here, there, and everywhere for a long spell but never really put down roots until now.

“Why” and I have gotten to know each other well through working together for quite some time.  We first started teaching in academic institutions–colleges and high schools–before we decided to change direction and head into librarianship.  It was in the library that we discovered sides of ourselves that we didn’t even know existed.

I have to admit that “why” has been great to work with, always having something new and fresh to offer, but occasionally “why” has also tended to be a bit demanding and irritating.  Despite the headaches “why” gives me from time to time, I still value him and all the reasons he gives me to write.

I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know “why” as much as I have over the years.  If you would like to comment on a post, you are invited to do so as long as you are respectful.  We don’t always have to agree, but we can respond to the views and opinions of others with courtesy.  Should you want to contact me by e-mail, you are welcome to do that as well at ellen@thehouseofwhy.com

Please make yourself comfortable in The House of Why and be sure to visit often!

With warm regards,


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  1. Why, indeed. It seems to go along with the ‘self esteem’ bandwagon on which everyone jumped a few years ago. We were told that we must make everyone feel good in order to make a sale, make a student successful, or make someone valuable to society.

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