The Healthy, the Sugary, and the Greasy — 2 Comments

  1. What I would do for the fried chicken at Golden Coral right now… With fried, crunchy food as my weakness, one would think I’d have it more often. But there is only KFC here and I only go there twice a year if ever. Lol!

    I think the reason people don’t turn away from those sugary, greasy foods is because they’ve become accustom to them at a relatively young age. As much as I bake a lot of sweet things, I only find myself eating one or two cupcakes out of a batch before having my husband take them to work and pushing the sweets on his co-workers. I just can’t handle sugar and the reason is I didn’t grow up eating too much of it. Okay, chocolate is the exception but yeah, I think what we ate when we were younger factors a lot into how we eat as adults.

    • Good point–the food we eat as kids can often influence our tastes as adults. I’ve heard that kids that grow up with veggies and fruits as snacks don’t crave fast food and other greasy food when they’re older. And to share a fact, chocolate is a vegetable and therefore healthy!

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