An American Jubilee — 3 Comments

  1. A few months ago, I read an article about the Royal family and the cost associated with supporting them. It stated that roughly one dollar was spent, per person per year, for the upkeep of the Royal family. I think I would rather spend my one dollar that way than support for some of the American politicians and their policies. At least I get good manners in general, and some pomp and circumstance to entertain me. But I’d better not get started on politics or this will be a long post! As for John Edwards, we certainly get entertainment and drama but not the kind I would prefer. Maybe if he wore a “fascinator” it would help?

    • One dollar per person per year to support the Royal Family doesn’t sound like a bad deal to have mannered “ambassadors” representing your country around the world. A thought that crosses my mind: if every person in the U.S. gave one dollar a year to the many charities that exist, what a difference that would make!

      John Edwards in a fascinator–an amusing thought! 🙂

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