This website is dedicated to the question our parents dreaded hearing from us when we were kids — “Why?”  That simple but loaded question became the unwelcome guest over time, pushed away from the table during the holidays, kicked out of the car on family vacations, and flung into the back corner on a daily basis.  Poor little “why” was unloved and neglected for far too long, but that’s not the case anymore.

At long last “why” has a home in which to live and flourish in comfort.  “Why’s” of all kinds are welcome to visit here, from the big to the small, from the comic to the serious, from the silly to the sensible, from the obvious to the obscure…  Well, you get the idea.

So, climb into your favorite chair with your fuzzy socks and schlumpy robe.  Make yourself at home in The House of Why and allow your mind to roam free.  Who knows what wonderful, interesting, and unexpected things you’ll find.

And to those of you who ask why should there be a website like this, I ask “Why not?”